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Born 1982, Como, Italy
Lives and works between Milan, Italy and Grenoble, France

Simone Frangi is a cultural researcher, art writer and curator. He holds a French-Italian PhD in Aestethics and Theory of Art and he’s qualified researcher in Philosophy and Art Theory at Conseil National des Universités (FR). He’s currently artistic director of Viafarini (Milan) and co-curator of DOCVA – Documentation Center for Visual Arts (Milan). He’s co-curator of Live Works – Performance Act Award at Centrale Fies (Trento, IT) and co-director of the biennial research program A Natural Oasis run between Republic of San Marino, Republic of Malta and Gibraltar and organized by Little Constellation. He’s Lecturer of Theory of Contemporary Art at Fine Arts and Design Academy in Grenoble. Among residencies and curatorial programs he attended: Residence Unlimited (New York, 2015); Rupert (Vilnius, 2015); Les Laboratoires d’Aubervilliers (Paris, 2014); Seminars for Art Curators at ICA (Yerevan, 2013); ERC Starting Grant – Ownreality at Centre Allemand d’Histoire de l’Art (Paris, 2013); Suddenly. Résidence d’art et de recherche (Beauchery-Saint-Martin, Ile de France, 2012); EIKONES – National Centre of Competence in Research on Iconic Criticism in collaboration with Schaulager (Basel, 2011). His current research focuses on the interpolation of the notions of performativity and reality, on the social and political intelligibility of artistic research and on self-education and horizontal educational practices.

Né à Como, Italie, en 1982
Vit et travaille entre Milan, Italie et Grenoble, France

Simone Frangi est chercheur, théoricien en art et commissaire d’exposition. Titulaire d’un Doctorat franco-italien en Esthétique et Théorie de l’Art, il est chercheur qualifié en Philosophie et en Esthétique/Science de l’art auprès du Centre National des Universités (Paris). Il est également directeur artistique de Viafarini (Milan) et co-curateur de DOCVA (Fabbrica del Vapore, Milan. Depuis 2013 il est co-curateur de Live Works – Performance Act Award (Centrale Fies, Trento) et depuis 2014 co-directeur du programme de recherche biennale A Natural Oasis organisé dans le cadre de Little Constellation – Network of Contemporary Art focused on Geo-cultural Micro-areas and Small States of Europe. Il estProfesseur de Théorie et Actualité de l’Art Contemporain à l’ESAD Grenoble.

Space: Viafarini DOCVA
Project: Double Cross, from Both Sides of a Mountain